How do I sync my Max Buzz?

To sync your Max Buzz, first ensure that you are logged into the Global Challenge application and that you have already paired your Max Buzz to your Global Challenge account. 

Note:* The Max Buzz syncs wirelessly via your mobile device. Please check that your Max Buzz has a minimum of two bars of charge remaining before trying to sync.

Note:* Please ensure that step entry is open for the day you wish to sync for on your Step Entry page. Remember, you cannot sync for the current day, or days you've already saved a step count for. 

To sync your Max Buzz please follow these steps:

  1. Confirm that you have Bluetooth turned on, and that your Max Buzz device is close by your mobile.
  2. Open the Global Challenge mobile application.
  3. At the top of the dashboard you will see a loading indicator, which will show that your Max Buzz is syncing. 
  4. When the loading bar disappears from the dashboard, visit the Step Entry page.
  5. If your step data has populated the open step entry fields, click submit.
  6. You can also "force pull" a sync by navigating to the Step Entry page on the application, and pulling down on the screen.
  7. Once you see that your step data has populated the open step entry fields, click submit. 

If you are having difficulty syncing your steps please see My Max Buzz won’t sync.

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