What do I do if I can log in on the website but I can't log in on the app?

Please ensure you have the 'Virgin Pulse Global Challenge' app downloaded, and not our other product's app called 'Virgin Pulse'. 

If you have the 'Virgin Pulse Global Challenge' app, please ensure you're entering your correct email address and password. You can try tapping on the eye ball icon on the app log in page so that you can see your password as you enter it.


If this still doesn't work, please try connecting to a different internet connection, for example a home network or your phone's data connection.

You can also try refreshing your password through the website. Then try to log in to the app.

If you're still experiencing issues, we’ll need to pass this to our App Developers. To help them investigate, please contact us here and provide the following details:

Model of phone:
Phone's operating system:
Version of app:
A screenshot or photo of any errors that occur

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