I am registering my team for the Global Challenge. What do I need to know?

1) Can anyone do the Global Challenge? 
The Global Challenge is a universal event that is suitable for anyone over the age of 18 in any occupation, geographical location and fitness level including members who use a wheelchair or have restricted mobility.

2) How much time, effort and activity is required? 
The good news is this is completely up to you. You don't need to 'make time' for the Global Challenge. Instead, the Global Challenge helps you find opportunities to increase your incidental activity before, during and after your working day. You set your own daily step goal based on your personal circumstances. Even the busiest people can have a fulfilling experience interacting with the Global Challenge with just a few minutes a week.

3) What happens if you’re ill/injured/on holidays for part of the challenge? 
During the 100 Day Journey, you may get ill for a day or two, have to take time off work or be lucky enough to go away on holiday, but no need to worry. Just enter your steps as normal. If you don’t have access to a computer, just make a note of your steps and enter them when you return. Alternatively, you can use the Global Challenge app on the move (your Pulse can hold 14 days of steps). If you’re unwell or injured, simply enter the steps you were able to take or use the ‘No Activity’ option which rewards you with your daily step average, minus 10%.

4) What if I don't have daily access to a computer or the internet? 
Daily access is not required. Although you’re encouraged to enter your steps daily so your team can continue on the journey, if you miss a few days, simply make a note of these and add them next time you log in. Remember, your Pulse can hold up to 14 days of steps. Staying connected to the Global Challenge is made easier with the mobile website and smartphone apps.

5) What activity can be recorded? 
Whether you enjoy jogging, dog-walking, hiking, Zumba or retail therapy, with the Pulse, every activity counts. When it’s safe to wear your Pulse, all of the movement accumulated during these activities count towards your steps. The only exception is for swimming (where you cannot wear your Pulse because it’s not waterproof) and cycling (where your Pulse isn’t able to detect every turn of the pedals) for which we offer an additional conversion so you are fully rewarded for your effort in these activities. For more information please visit our FAQs.

6) What if I prefer to use my own activity tracking device? 
No problem. While the simple-to-use and reliable Pulse is provided, the Global Challenge platform also supports 3rd party devices, such as Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, Misfit and Microsoft. This flexibility allows you to use your preferred device in a program that provides you with the motivation, support and entertainment that devices alone cannot offer.

7) Who will see my personal information? 
Your information is for your eyes only. the Global Challenge enforces a strict privacy policy which guarantees your anonymity and data security. While most personal information is voluntary, the more you share, the more tailored your Global Challenge experience will be.

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