How does the Energy Converter work on the ‘My Stats’ page?

In the ‘My Stats’ page, under the ‘Totals’ tab, you will find the Energy Converter.

When you hover over the 'Me' list, the numbers below the food and drink items at the bottom of the page represent the number of those items that you've burned off during the Challenge. It calculates your steps and then shows how much you've burned off!

In the example below, once the mouse is placed over any row under the 'Me' column, the number of kilo-joules burned (refer to the row ‘Total KJ burned’) is equivalent to approximately 28 burgers (1x burger = 2000kj).

The same formula applies when you hover over the other columns.

Below is the number of kilojoules (KJ) per food item that we use to make our calculations:

Burger = 2000kj
Chocolate = 1500kj
Soft Drink/Soda = 695kj
Pizza = 1000kj
Wine = 676kj
Beer = 562kj
Spaghetti = 1705kj
Meat = 1592kj
Fries = 1680kj
Cake = 1045kj


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