What is Step Intensity?

What is Step Intensity?

You will be able to sync additional data about your steps from your Pulse (Bluetooth) device to the Global Challenge mobile app and view a step breakdown across a day. You can view more detailed step data to get a sense of when you are most active and where you could be more active.

Who can access Step Intensity?

You can access Step Intensity if you use our Pulse device with Bluetooth.

How does Step Intensity work?

On Pulse devices that include Bluetooth, in addition to a daily step count, steps and active minutes are recorded in 15 minute blocks throughout the day. Pulse devices can store the last 7 days of detailed step data at any given time. When you sync your Pulse steps via Bluetooth, Step Intensity will sync both summary and detailed step data to the Global Challenge platform.

Where can I find Step Intensity data?

On the map, go to the ‘Step Entry’ page, which can be accessed via the Menu on the top left-hand corner.

Press the button on your Pulse device for 3 seconds to initiate the sync:

Sync process commences:

Sync process continues:

 Sync process complete. You will automatically be taken to the ‘Step Entry’ page. Hit ‘Submit’

Your 'My Stats' page will load. Click on the message that appears over your graph (“Check out your daily step breakdown”). Please note, bike and swim steps still need to be entered manually:

Step details screen:




How long does it take for the Step Intensity data to sync?

The sync process takes roughly 12 seconds.

For every first sync after an app update, it can take anywhere between 30-40 seconds.

The more times you sync your steps, the less time it will take to sync.

Can I alter my Step Intensity data before submission?

You will not be able to alter your Step Intensity data. This is because the data is transferred directly from your Pulse (Bluetooth) device.

How do I enter steps? 



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