What is Team Feed?

What is Team Feed?

Team Feed allows you and your team to communicate with each other through your Global Challenge accounts, during the 100 Day Journey.

You can see posts made by your team-mates and notifications relating to individual and team achievements.

Team feed can be used to:

  • Support and encourage team members to achieve goals
  • Share your achievements with other team members
  • Share information or knowledge
  • Feel more connected, especially if you have team members spread across different geographical areas
  • Work together as a team and coordinate activities

Who can access Team Feed?

Only team members can access their own team’s Team Feed. You cannot view or chat in other Team Feeds.

Where can Team Feed be accessed?

Team Feed can be accessed on the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge website and app. Once you log-in, there will be a speech-bubble icon on the top right-hand corner of the page.




When can Team Feed be accessed?

Team Feed can be accessed from two weeks prior to the 100 Day Journey, until one month after day 100.

For those with new accounts that haven’t been used for the Global Challenge before, they will see Team feed from when they activate their account.

How do I turn off notifications about my individual achievements in Team Feed?

By default, you are already opted-out of this feature. If you do not wish to have your individual achievements automatically published to Team Feed, you can opt-out of this feature at any time through the Team Feed settings. Just slide the autoshare button on your Team Feed page to turn autosharing on/off. Please be aware that this does not prevent you from using Team Feed, it just means your individual achievements will not be published in the Team Feed.

What happens when a member leaves a team or is replaced?

When a member leaves a team, or is replaced, that member can no longer access Team Feed. All previous posts and system generated messages from that member remain in the Team Feed.

Can team members add comments to the Team Feed in the language of their choosing?

Yes. Commentary will be added to the Team Feed based on the language chosen by the team member at the time. Comments made in Team Feed are not translated.

How do I report a comment made in Team Feed?

If you suspect a post breaches the Team Feed guidelines, please click on the link on your Team Feed page to report this to our Customer Service team.

Team Feed guidelines can be found here

Is there a character limit per comment?

Yes, there is a character limit of 500 characters.



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