Are there other ways to enter a step count?

We recommend that members enter their step counts daily so that individual data and team statistics are a true representation of their achievements. As well as the event site, we offer mobile phone step entry options through dedicated mobile Apps and a mobile website.

Whether you're using your Pulse, Max Buzz or using an approved fitness tracker/app to count your steps, all you need to do is head to your Step Entry page. 

Pulse or Max Buzz (not connected): Enter your step count manually on your Step Entry page on the website or app

Pulse or Max Buzz (connected): Sync your step count to your Step Entry page on the app

Your own fitness tracker/app: Sync your steps to your Step Entry page on the website or app

Don't forget to enter other activities in the relevant fields on your Step Entry page, then press 'Submit' (and 'Confirm' if you're using the website).


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