What can I do now the 100 Day Journey has ended?

While you have completed the first 100 days of your Global Challenge adventure, your journey continues and we’re still here for you. Here are the features you’ll still be able to enjoy following the 100 Day Journey:

  • Step Entry: So that you can build on the great work you did during the 100 Day Challenge you can continue to keep track of your steps. You can do this as little or as often as you like by visiting the step entry page, selecting the date and entering your steps, swim and bike distances for that day.
  • Mini-Leagues: Individual Mini-Leagues will still be available; a great way to challenge and motivate your friends and colleagues to keep up the steps after the 100 Day Journey. Create your own new leagues and challenges, or carry on where you left off.
  • Community: You can still use the Community section to share your inspirational stories and add to your trophy cabinet by remaining an active Community member.
  • Nutrition:  So that you can continue with the great work you started during the 100 Day Journey, you can keep track of your weight entries via Weight Tracker. All you need to do is select the date and enter your weight. Remember to check in with your Nutrition Toolkit to keep you on track with your healthy weight goal.
  • Sleep: Continue tracking your sleep and review your timetable and tips to wake up feeling refreshed. 
  • Balance: It’s important to continue to strengthen your mind, understand your thought processes and stay calm under pressure long after the 100 Day Journey has ended – so keep using Balance!
  • Trophies: All your shiny trophies are still available to view and virtually polish, and you can also download your certificates and share your achievements via Facebook and Twitter.
  • Stats: Your Daily Progress chart and all your totals from the 100 Day Journey are available to you for one month, so you can boast …er…we mean…reflect back on just how much you achieved and revisit just how far you’ve come since May. To see your post-100 Day Journey stats, head to the bottom of your Step Entry page on the website.
  • Locations: You can revisit your journey around the world for one month. Catch up on any places you missed because you passed through too quickly and interact with the map.
  • Leaderboard: These pages are still open for one month so you can check out where yours and your organization’s teams finished on the Leaderboard.
  • Video Hub: Just in case you missed them, you can go back and view all of your videos via your exclusive Video Hub


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