How accurate should my Pulse be?

Ensuring the accuracy of the Pulse is something we take incredibly seriously and we go to great lengths when it comes to testing. When we hear the occasional report of a Pulse not functioning as expected, we kindly ask you to undertake two checks to determine whether there is a technical fault with your Pulse:

CHECK 1: Please ensure that you are wearing the Pulse clipped to your pocket, waistband or collar and that it’s not loose in a bag or a pocket. The closer you wear your Pulse to your body, the more accurate your step count will be. Please do not wear your Pulse on your limbs or on your foot.

CHECK 2: Please undertake a test walk of exactly 20 minutes, on flat ground at a regular walking pace. Although the reading will naturally vary based on the speed that you are walking, you should accumulate 2,200 to 2,600 steps. If your step count is considerably different to this range, please contact us for more information. 

To find out more about how the Pulse works, please click here.


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