Should I reset my Pulse every day?

For Bluetooth Pulse users:
To reset your Pulse, press the factory reset button on the back of the Pulse with a pin or paper clip. This erases your Pulse's memory and reverts the Pulse to Standard mode. In Standard mode your Pulse will not sync. If you wish to use Sync mode, please pair your Pulse.

- In sync mode (indicated by a link icon on your Pulse):
Your step count will reset automatically at 12am every morning, saving your step count to the Pulse. The Pulse can save up to 14 days of step counts, so you don’t have to sync every day.

- In Standard mode:
To reset your steps to zero, simply press the Reset button (on the front of the Pulse) for 3 seconds. This needs to be done each day.

What if I don’t sync my steps within 14 days?


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