I think my Pulse is faulty, what should I do?

At the Global Challenge we try our best to ensure every Pulse is as accurate as possible, however, sometimes they can develop a fault.

Before we go any further have you tried a bit of Pulse first aid?
Please try removing and re-inserting the battery. To do this, remove the clip from the back of the Pulse. There is a small screw that will need to be removed with a 1mm Phillips head screwdriver (or similar). The screw is in a small hole at the top of the gap in the middle of the belt-clip on the back of the Pulse.

Once the battery is back in place and the clip is re-secured, you may see an error message on the screen. This will show as ERR. If you see this message, press the Reset button on the front of the Pulse.

If your Pulse has a mechanical fault, such as a black screen, or it is not recording any steps we will happily replace it for you. Please submit a request to let us know.

If you have broken the clip on your Pulse, as a quick fix, if any of your colleagues have a broken Pulse, you may wish to switch clips with them. To do this, simply unscrew the clip from the back of each Pulse, slide the clips off, slide the intact clip onto your Pulse and re-screw.

If your Pulse is accidentally lost or damaged then we do not issue replacements. You can however purchase a brand new Pulse from one of the links below (please select depending on your preferred currency).






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