Is Sleep compatible with other wearable devices?

Any FITBIT®, GARMIN®, Microsoft, Misfit device with the capability of tracking sleep will be compatible with Sleep. Once synced, you will be able to sync your sleep quality and quantity information by clicking ‘sync data’ on the desktop site.

To sync your device;

  • Go to the ‘Log your sleep’ page on the website
  • Click ‘set up device’ and follow the instructions for your device
  • Log in to your online FITBIT®, GARMIN®, Microsoft, Misfit account and authorise permission to share data with Global Challenge
  • On the ‘Sleep Entry’ page now click ‘sync data from device’. This step will need to be completed each time you wish to sync data from your device.

Important things to note

  • FITBIT® can take up to 26 hours to complete the initial sync
  • You must sync your device with your manufacturer's portal (e.g. FITBIT®, Misfit) at least 60 minutes before selecting ‘sync data from device’ in Sleep
  • Global Challenge will only read your FITBIT®, GARMIN®, Microsoft, Misfit data. Entries you make on the Global Challenge site will not sync across to your FITBIT®, GARMIN®, Microsoft, Misfit profile.
  • Sleep data can only be synced via the Global Challenge website. It cannot be synced via the app.
  • We do not sync via Bluetooth (BLE) or other wireless technology from your device or phone to the Global Challenge platform

You can deauthorize syncing at any time using the 'disconnect' button on the ‘devices’ page of the Global Challenge website. Any existing activity (i.e. previously synced) will remain on the Global Challenge website, but the Global Challenge will no longer receive new activity data from FITBIT®, GARMIN®, Microsoft, Misfit going forward.





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