How do I register a team?

If you’re an Organisation Manager wishing to register your organisation, please click here.

As a Team Captain, once you have formed your team of seven and you’re ready to register, you will need to access your organisation’s unique registration portal. The link will be communicated internally within your organisation or you can contact us and we can send it to you.

If any of your team members have participated in previous years, please be sure to register them with the same email address as they used last time (as long as it’s still active). This will ensure the old and new accounts are linked and previous year’s step data is available for them to compare this year. If their email address has changed contact Customer Support.

As a team member, if your Team Captain has already registered your team, you will receive a welcome email once your team registration is confirmed by your organisation. If other team members have received a welcome email but you have not, ask your Team Captain to check the email address they have entered for you is correct and then resend the welcome email from the ‘Manage Teams’ area online.

I’ve registered my team, what happens now?


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