What are the team rules of the Global Challenge?

Each team will comprise of seven people only and none of them will have super powers

  1. No team will contain more than two athletes
  2. No team will contain more than two members who have previously finished in the top ten teams or who have been genetically modified into a step superhuman
  3. Members must only use the official Pulse (or approved device) to measure their step count
  4. Members must not intentionally enter false step counts into their Step Entry page. Members entering extreme step counts will be ‘speed checked
  5. Members must not jiggle, wobble or shake their Pulse in order to accumulate more steps
  6. Members must not use the ‘No Activity’ option dishonestly
  7. Members will enjoy themselves and make a lasting change! No, really, you will, believe us!
  8. If Global Challenge Management finds that a member is intentionally cheating, or in breach of these rules, that member will be disqualified from the Global Challenge and the team will be penalised accordingly.

    If Global Challenge Management determines that two or more members from the same team have engaged in cheating, then each team member and the team will be disqualified from the Global Challenge and notification sent to their organization’s senior management.

    Like all forms of cheating, you're only cheating yourself. During the Challenge, although we encourage a bit of healthy competition, the goal is changing exercise habits for life. So, while we encourage everyone to aim to take 10,000 steps, we don't discourage you if you don't! The following would be considered cheating:

    • Shaking your Pulse like a maraca
    • Strapping your Pulse to the family pet
    • Tying your Pulse to your shoe
    • Falsifying your step counts
    • Providing false information in Speed Checks
    • Using the No Activity option when you were not unwell, not travelling, or had no good reason to not take   or count your steps
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