What are the rules of the Global Challenge?

1. Each team will be comprised of seven members. none of them will have superpowers, and all will participate with fairness and as a part of a team.

2. Members will use the official Pulse, Max Buzz activity tracker or other approved device to measure their step count.

3. If the Pulse, Max Buzz or other approved device cannot be worn, members can use the step conversion tool. Members should not wear a device while engaging in an activity that can be converted. For more details, please visit “Should I wear my activity tracker when I am doing an activity that can be converted?

4. 'No Activity' can be used when member is ill, travelling or otherwise unable to exercise. Excessive use is not permitted. If you are unable to exercise for a long period of time, please speak to your team captain.

5. Members will not falsify step entries. Exaggerations, manipulations and all other intentional misrepresentations of steps achieved may be subject to Global Challenge oversight.

6. Members will approach the Global Challenge with the goal to have fun while making lasting, healthy change.

More information can be found on our Membership Agreement

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