How do I measure myself accurately?

When using Nutrition, it’s important to get accurate measurements for both height and weight. For the most accurate height measurement, we recommend:

  • Removing shoes and any hats (I know that’s an obvious one!)
  • Finding a flat wall which is situated next to a solid floor (rather than carpet)
  • Asking a colleague, friend or family member to do the measuring
  • Standing against the wall with your feet flat on the ground and flush to the wall
  • Asking the measurer to use a flat object (such as a ruler) and a pencil, to make a light mark on the wall that is level with the crown of your head
  • Recording the height from the base on the floor to the mark on the wall for your height

For the most accurate weight measurement, we recommend:

  • Using a set of digital weighing scales
  • Ensuring that they have been calibrated to zero
  • Ensuring they are positioned on a flat, rigid and even floor (avoid putting scales on carpet or uneven surfaces)
  • Removing all heavy clothing and shoes
  • Standing in the centre of the scales.

As you continue to regularly weigh yourself, you will notice that your weight can fluctuate throughout the day (as much as 0.5kg or 1lb). It is therefore important that you get yourself into the habit of weighing yourself at the same time of day every week for consistency. For example, you might want to choose a Friday morning, before breakfast and after your morning shower.

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