What is Nutrition?

Nutrition is about making small, manageable changes each day - simple and easy choices that all add up to a big difference. You can still enjoy the foods you love but enjoy them in a smarter, healthier way. There are three key elements to Nutrition:

  • Weight Tracker –available two weeks prior to the start of the 100 Day Journey, lets you set a goal and track your progress because, let’s face it, what gets measured gets done.
  • The Food Calculator – available two weeks prior to the start of the 100 Day Journey, lets you look at your day and see how much energy you’re putting in versus how much is going out.
  • Tailored Nutritional Advice – (available 4 weeks into the event) Once you've taken the Nutrition Assessment, you’ll receive frequent advice in the form of bite size tips, bonus tips and printable feature articles designed to help you maximize your results.

We know this is a very personal journey for you, so all the information you provide is for your eyes only.  

Is Nutrition for everyone?

Weight Tracker is designed to support those individuals who are looking to lose a little weight through developing a healthy relationship with food.  This feature isn't able to support those who are looking to gain weight or muscle mass, those with an underweight BMI classification or those whose medical condition contradicts weight loss.  If you fall within any of these groups, we recommend seeking expert advice from a family doctor who will be able to advise on your specific nutrition needs.  

To calculate an estimated energy requirement (EER), we use the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation which takes into account your age, height, starting weight, weight loss goal, the time you have to achieve that weight goal and your activity level.  We then use this EER to help you balance your food or energy intake with your activity or energy output with Food Calculator.  As a result, it's not possible for us to make recommendations based on a weight-gain target when using these tools. You can, however, take the Nutrition Assessment from Day 22 to receive advice tailored to you based on your nutrition habits.

When does Nutrition start?

You will be able to enter your starting weight and target weight within Weight Tracker and keep track of what you’re eating and drinking using Food Calculator two weeks prior to the start of the 100 Day Journey. This will also show you your BMI (Body Mass Index) and the estimated daily energy requirement to achieve your goal weight.

Your Nutrition Assessment will then be available from Day 22. Once you’ve completed the assessment, you will receive weekly advice in the form of bite size tips, bonus tips and printable feature articles around key themes. This advice will be saved in your Nutrition homepage so that you can refer to it at any point during the Challenge.

Want to know more about Nutrition?

Nutrition has been developed to help members understand that exercise and eating well, is less complicated and difficult than they might think.

When the event commences, members can utilize the weight-tracker tool. This enables members to calculate their BMI and set a target weight for the end of the event. At any time, members can enter their current weight and track their progress towards a healthier weight. Note: You can be confident that all data captured will be secure and anonymous.

In addition, members can also access the Food Calculator. Research demonstrates that food diaries fail because people find them too onerous. We’ve overcome this by offering a simple tool that provides an easy to understand snapshot of calorie consumption and presents this as a step equivalent, the energy currency that members will understand!

One month into the 100 Day Journey, the rest of Nutrition is launched, providing nutrition advice and guidance throughout the event. Every piece of information is presented in a simple way and easy to understand, remember and integrate into daily life.


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