Chase challenge

Members are allocated a work colleague, or can select someone to “chase”, then strive to beat their opponent’s total step count, chasing them over the 14 day journey.

• At the start of the Challenge, members will automatically be assigned someone to start the Chase. At any time, you may select a new opponent, however this will not cease your original opponent from chasing you.
• Anyone can challenge another member and will automatically begin “chasing” after them. The receiving party will not need to accept your challenge, but will be able to view who is “chasing” after them by visiting the Chase home page.
• Whilst members can only place one request at a time to challenge somebody, they can be “chased” by an unlimited number of other members.
• This Flexible Challenge is only available via the website and not the Global Challenge App.

Why can't I see if I've won a stage after I've entered my steps?

Both you and your challenger need to have entered steps for the same day in order for the stage winner to be displayed. If you are the first one to enter your steps, you will have to wait for your challenger to do the same. If you work closely with your challenger, why not speak to them and remind them to put their steps in? Once they've done so, just reload the Chase page in your browser and you will see the results updated. If your challenger is not actively entering their steps, then we suggest that you switch to another opponent by using the "Change Challenger" button at the bottom of the page. This way you can find someone else who's as keen as you are to keep the Chase going right up to the last day!


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