What do I do if I get a speed check?

During the 100 Day Journey we encourage you to achieve as many steps as possible. If you manage to clock up an amazing step count, you may receive a ‘speed check’. This isn’t a punishment, in fact, you should be proud! The speed checks are just a way for the Global Challenge to check that a step entry was not added in error or multiple days are being entered under one day.





When you’re asked to enter a description of how you’ve managed to achieve such a great step count, please provide a short explanation which will be reviewed within 2 business days.

For example:
I participated in (activity) for (duration + distance). Here is some more information: (if possible: route taken/Strava link/step break-down).

We’re really keen to hear about all the great activities you’re doing to contribute to your team’s step count so keep it up! 

If your speed check explanation is not approved:

You will receive an email from us asking for more information. Simply head to your Step Entry page to re-enter your step count and make sure you include the types of activity you've carried out, and as many details as you can from the criteria below:

- Distance

- Duration

- Route taken

- Strava link

- Photo of your Pulse with proof of the date, such as a watch

- Link to a fitness tracking app

- Email us a screenshot of your fitness tracking app here

Receiving too many speed checks?


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