Why won't my steps sync from my Pulse?

If you do not have a link icon on your Pulse:

You will need to pair your Pulse. You can find pairing instructions here.

If you see a link icon on your Pulse, try these troubleshooting steps:

Download the latest Global Challenge app from: https://globalchallenge.virginpulse.com/apps

1.) Head into the menu in the top left of the app and select 'My Device'.

2.) Choose 'Pulse'

Side note: As long as your Pulse has already been paired once (indicated by a link icon) and you don’t physically reset the device using the factory reset button on the back, it will retain memory of your steps.

3.) Click 'Connect'

4.) Follow the instructions until you are advised that your device is successfully paired

5.) Head back into the app menu, click 'Step Entry' and try to sync your steps one more time

**Please note you must have a step count saved in your Pulse for the day you wish to sync for. Step entry must also be open for this day on your Step Entry page and you cannot sync steps for the current day.

If your steps still don’t sync after trying this, click here to submit a request, including the details below:

Model of phone:
Phone's operating system:
Version of Bluetooth:
Version of app:
What icons do you see on your Pulse?

A screenshot of your ‘My Device’ page of the app
A screenshot or photo of any errors that occur (if applicable)


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