How do I stay active when I am working from home?

We understand that our Global Challenge members around the world have been affected by the evolving Coronavirus (covid-19) situation and some are more impacted than others. We also acknowledge that a lot of governments have restricted outside activities, therefore we’re working on providing members with ideas of how they can still keep moving inside.

Despite these challenges, it’s important now more than ever to keep healthy and look after both our physical and mental well-being during this time.

Have you thought about doing an online workout? There are plenty that you can find on YouTube and best of all, there are plenty of step conversions in Global Challenge so it will still count to your daily total.

Staying physically active has a big impact on our mental health too, so making time in your day for exercise will help maintain a positive and clear mindset.

There are also other elements of the Global Challenge that you’ll find can benefit you at this time:

  • Learn how to build resilience and a positive mindset with the Balance module
  • Get tips on how to fuel your body with the Nutrition module
  • Use the Focus module to limit distractions and maximise productivity
  • Find out how to recharge each night with the Sleep module
  • Visit Health Hub for a library of useful articles that will help educate and inspire you to achieve your health goals
  • Connect with members around the world on the Community to find out how they’re getting active and staying positive

Don’t forget, leading a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about exercise. And the Global Challenge rewards you with points for all healthy habits, so you can climb the Points Leaderboard.

Lastly, staying connected to your team mates during social distancing is extremely important for mental health. Social interaction contributes to our happiness especially in times of isolation. So using Community and Team Feed to stay connected will also help you get the most out of Global Challenge during these changes in our lifestyle.

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