What does the Organisation Manager role involve?

An Organisation Manager is responsible for coordinating the Global Challenge for the entire company. Some key functions include:

  • Creating areas (optional)
  • Confirming teams
  • Emailing members
  • Re-sending welcome emails
  • Changing team members
  • Changing team captains
  • Adding / removing area managers
  • Awarding Spirit Awards (optional)
  • Organising Flexible Challenges after the 100 Day Journey.
  • Accessing communication materials

If you are an Organisation Manager and would like more information, you can download the User Guide in the Manage Teams page of your account.

Where do I find the User Guide?

  1. Log in to your Global Challenge account via the website
  2. Access the Manage Teams page
  3. Click on the Communications Materials tab, located on the navigation bar at the top of the page
  4. Click on the 'Build Teams' tab
  5. Select 'Guide to the Global Challenge'


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