How do I reset my Max Buzz?

It is possible that your device may just need to be reset in order for it to sync again. 

Please note that by resetting your Max Buzz, it will clear any data you have stored in the Max Buzz

In order to complete this reset please follow these instructions:

1.) With a USB port that you know is viable, plug your device in until you see the battery symbol and the "Reset Symbol" displayed in the below picture. *You must wait until you see the reset symbol otherwise your device will not reset properly*


2.) Once the image above is seen, you must remove the device from the USB port and complete the above step 3 times.

3.) If done correctly, your device will say "Hello" and will physically buzz. (It has reset properly)

4.) Confirm that you see different screens by rotating your wrist/tapping the display to advance.

When resetting a Max Buzz, it is effectively removed from your account and needs to be paired back. Please attempt to pair the device.


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