What is the difference between each level of swimming?

Please see below the difference between each of the swimming activities on the conversion list.

Leisure: Water activities/swimming, leisurely, not lap swimming.

  • 171 steps/min
  • General
  • Example: Tim lets himself glide casually through the water without having a specific goal in mind.

Moderate: Water activities/swimming, medium speed.

  • 237 steps/min
  • 50 yards/min | 45 metres/min (0.03 miles/min)
  • Example: Tim concentrates and swims a whole lane in one minute.

Competitive: Swimming, fast speed, vigorous effort

  • 286 steps/min
  • 75 yards/min | 68 metres/min (0.04 miles/min)
  • Example: Tim wants to break his record and swims as fast as he can. His pulse rises and he starts to sweat.


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