Should I wear my activity tracker when I am doing an activity that can be converted?

We encourage you to wear your chosen device as often as possible and where safe to do so. However, if there is a conversion available we recommend that you remove your activity tracker from your body and choose an activity from the list provided to ensure the most accurate step count.

We understand that in some cases, the recording of “incidental steps" is unavoidable (eg. carrying an activity tracker in a backpack while cycling). In these instances, we accept the recording of incidental steps from the activity tracker.

When in doubt, wear your activity tracker safely. If there is a conversion for the activity, remove the device and use the conversion tool.

For example: Tim likes to play football and goes swimming regularly. On the football field, as well as in the indoor swimming pool, he puts the Max Buzz down. The next day, Tim synchronises his Max Buzz and also enters the time for soccer and swimming from the conversion list.


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