My Max Buzz screen is blank.

The Max Buzz screen is dimmed when not in use. The screen should light up automatically when you lift your wrist up and turn it towards your body. If your screen remains blank, be sure to check your Max Buzz settings – the screen will light up more readily if you have selected the correct wearing mode.

If your wearing mode is set correctly and the screen is still not lighting up, please:

  1. Confirm that you have paired your Max Buzz to your Global Challenge account. To do this open the Global Challenge application on your mobile device. Locate and tap menu in the top left hand corner of the application. Scroll down to “My Devices”. In the “Connected Device” section at the top, you should see the Max Buzz.


  1. Confirm that the battery in your Max Buzz has charge remaining.

If you are still unable to light up your Max Buzz, please see I think my Max Buzz is faulty, what should I do?

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