My Max Buzz won’t sync.

To sync your steps from your Max Buzz, please first ensure you have the latest version of the Virgin Pulse Global Challenge app. You can check this out here

If you have not paired your Max Buzz device to the Global Challenge app yet, please follow instructions on how to pair your Max Buzz here

When syncing your Max Buzz, please ensure that the device and the mobile phone are close together - we recommend placing your Max Buzz on your phone. In order to successfully sync your Max Buzz, please also ensure the following:

  • That your Max Buzz is fully charged.
  • That the Bluetooth settings on your mobile device are turned on.
  • That your mobile device has a strong Wi-Fi or mobile data connection.

Please note, you can only sync steps to your Step Entry page for previous days. This means in order to sync your steps from today, you have to wait until tomorrow. You also must have a step count stored to your Max Buzz's memory. Step counts will be saved to the memory of your Max Buzz for 14 days.


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