How do I charge my Max Buzz?

The Max Buzz has an internal, rechargeable battery and a USB tip that can plug into any USB port or USB charger.

To charge your Max Buzz, follow these steps:

1. Locate the USB symbol on the end of the band.

2. Pull the wristband away from the device to reveal the USB tab.

 3. Hold the Max Buzz so that the screen is facing downwards and plug into the USB port.

 4. When the Max Buzz is plugged into the USB port correctly, the device will vibrate and a blinking battery icon will appear on the screen. If the device vibrates and switches to the clock screen, it is not plugged in correctly.

When the battery icon is full and no longer blinking, your Max Buzz is fully charged and can be removed from the USB port. Push the band back onto the USB end and you can start tracking your activity again!

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