How do I connect/disconnect my Google Fit to the Global Challenge app?

Download the latest Virgin Pulse Global Challenge app

1.) Head into the menu in the top left of the app and select 'My Device'

2.) Click 'Google Fit'


3.) Click 'Connect'


4.) Your connection will then be confirmed


From day 2 of the Challenge, head to your Step Entry page in the Global Challenge app to sync your step counts from your Google Fit to your Global Challenge account.

Google Fit won't connect?

Send us an email and include the information below:

Model of phone:
Phone's operating system:
Version of app:
A screenshot or photo of any errors that occur

If you would like to disconnect Google Fit from the Global Challenge app, you will need to go through the Google Fit app and follow the below steps:

  1. Go to 'Settings'
  2. Click 'Apps connected'
  3. In the drop down, select the account you want to disconnect.
  4. Remove Global Challenge app.



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