What is a Spirit Award?

Spirit awards allow Organisation Managers (your company’s internal coordinator of the Global Challenge) to discover achievements made by members within your organisation and then reward individual members through the Global Challenge platform.

How do Spirit Awards work?

Organisation Managers can issue trophies to any member in their organisation that best embodies the essence of each Spirit Award trophy category. For a list of categories, please visit our Trophies page.

Who can award Spirit Award trophies?

Only the Organisation Managers within your organisation can award a trophy.

Who can be awarded a Spirit Award trophy?

An active member registered in a team for the Global Challenge program can be awarded a trophy.

Where can I find my Spirit Award?

Trophies can be found in your trophy cabinet, along with other trophies you have earned throughout the Global Challenge.

How will I know if I have been awarded a Spirit Award?

You will see a new trophy in your trophy cabinet. You will also receive a notification once you log in, and see the notification icon at the top of your screen.

If you have enabled “auto-sharing” in Team Feed, then there will be a notification in your Team Feed too.

How are points awarded for Spirit Awards?

Members can earn 250 points for each Spirit Award achieved.



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