How will the personal information I provide in my 'Me' profile be used?

To calculate your Heart Age and Lifestyle Score, we will ask you for some optional biometric information, such as blood pressure and cholesterol, as well as other personal information such as gender, age, weight, height, whether you smoke, have diabetes or a family history of heart disease. This information will help provide results more relevant to you. 

Any information you provide is totally confidential and secure. The data will be used in accordance with our strict privacy policy and reports are only presented at the aggregate level, so it’s completely anonymous. We do not provide any personally identifiable health-related information to any third parties.

We may use some information to support our ongoing research to help understand improvements in the health and well being of employees participating in the Global Challenge and their corresponding benefits to business. The Virgin Pulse Global Challenge is committed to compliance with all relevant data protection and information security best practices and any information you provide will be anonymous and remain confidential to our research team.

For more information, please take a look at our privacy and security policies.

For queries about our research, please contact us- Submit request


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