What does the Team Captain role involve?

As a Team Captain, as well as being a member, you have the important role of being the central contact point of the team. The duties of your role are as follows:

  • Being responsible for providing Global Challenge with correct details of your team members and for accepting delivery of your team’s devices. The devices will be delivered to you for distribution to the other six members of the team (unless your Organisation Manager states otherwise). The delivery address must be a work location.
  • You must have an email address. If a team member does not have an email address, you  will need to set up a username for them. All email communication will be sent to you to pass on.
  • Managing your team through the Global Challenge website by changing member details and replacing team members where necessary.
  • Motivating your team to help and encourage any team members who are struggling to keep going.  There are resources available on the ‘manage teams’ page to help you with this. 

How do I replace a Team Captain?


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