What do I need to know about cycling in the Global Challenge?

The Global Challenge encourages you to be more active and to help you do this we have developed a built-in conversion for cycling. Enter your days cycling distance on the step entry page and the Global Challenge site will automatically work out the equivalent number of steps for your effort.

1km/0.621 miles cycling equals 300 steps.

When cycling you should also wear your Pulse, and enter the total steps as normal. Although the Pulse detects movements when you’re cycling, it isn’t able to detect every turn of the pedals. So the cycling conversion adds to the steps achieved on your Pulse to ensure that you're properly rewarded for your time in the saddle.

Cycling can be outdoors battling winds and hills on road or trail, or indoors on a static exercise bike, if you can measure the distance it counts.

When cycling the Pulse must not be worn on the feet or lower legs. As close to the hips as possible or in a pocket is advised.

If you enjoy spin class (and who doesn’t?) you may enter the following distances into the cycling converter, if your spin bike cannot measure distance:

45 minute class = 22.5km/14miles

1hr class = 30km/18.64miles

These distances are based on what is covered in an average spinning class.

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