What are the conversions for swimming and cycling?

The Global Challenge encourages you to be more active and to help you do this we've developed conversions for swimming and cycling.

Here’s how we work them out:

Swimming:   1,000m/0.6 miles swimming equals 4,750 steps.

Your Pulse doesn’t get on very well with water however, the Global Challenge still wants to ensure that you're rewarded for your aquatic feats, whether that be training to swim the English Channel or doggy paddling up and down your local pool.  As long as you count the number of laps/lengths you do (and know the length of the pool), then all of this effort will count via the swim to step converter on the Step Entry Page. For example, 4 laps of a 25m pool would be 100m to add to the Swim converter and would equate to 475 well deserved steps.

Cycling:   1km/0.621 miles cycling equals 300 steps.

Although the Pulse detects movements when you’re cycling, it isn’t able to detect every turn of the pedals. So the Global Challenge has an additional cycling conversion to ensure that you're properly rewarded for your time in the saddle.  Just enter your cycling distance (kms or miles) into the cycling to step converter on the Global Challenge Step Entry page. This will automatically convert and credit your step entry with the extra ‘steps’ you earned on the bike...Please ensure however that you still wear your Pulse when cycling as the small movement detected while riding also counts towards your daily activity. 

Do you offer step conversions for other activities?

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