What are Flexible Challenges?

Although the 100 Day Journey has finished, we want you all to keep on moving! Flexible Challenges give members an opportunity to reinforce their healthy behaviours and consolidate them into strong habits. 

How do I know if I've joined a Flexible Challenge?

To know if you have joined a flexible challenge, all you have to do is click on 'My Challenges' on your dashboard (see image below). If 'My Challenges' does not show on your dashboard, then you are not currently taking part in any flexible challenges. 

When do Flexible Challenges start?

Flexible Challenges are available one month after Day 100. The start date of each Flexible Challenge is decided by your Organisation Manager. Please contact the person responsible for carrying out the Global Challenge in your workplace to determine when these Flexible Challenges will take place.

How many Flexible Challenges are there?

There are 3 Flexible Challenges and each one lasts 14 days:

  • An individual physical activity (CHASE)
  • An individual nutrition challenge (HYDRATION)
  • A team based challenge (SUMMIT)

Are there trophies to be won?

Absolutely! For each Challenge that you take part in, a new virtual trophy will be added to your trophy cabinet. With each trophy you win, there will be different levels of this trophy to reach.

How do I sync my steps for Flexible Challenges?

Just like in the 100 Day Journey, you can use the Global Challenge app to sync with your Pulse or Apple HealthKit, or use the Global Challenge website to sync your steps with your third party device

Can I enter other activities from the step conversion tool?

Just like during the 100 Day Journey, you can enter other activities from the step conversion tool to your overall step total. 

Why isn’t my organisation taking part/why aren’t the Flexible Challenges available for me?

Not all organisations taking part in the Global Challenge have opted in to take part in the Flexible Challenges. This is a decision made by your organisation, so we recommend you contact your Organisation Manager (the person responsible for carrying out the Global Challenge in your company) with any questions you may have about this.


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