What if I don’t sync my steps within 14 days?

For Bluetooth Pulses used in Sync mode:

If you don’t sync your steps within 14 days, you will start to lose your step count data.

In Sync mode, the Pulse uses the 1st on 1st off principle. This means Day 1 on your Pulse is overwritten by Day 15, Day 2 is overwritten by Day 16 and so on. There is no way to recover this data, so if you know you won’t have access to a computer for longer than a 14 day period we advise you to manually record your steps at the end of each day. You can then manually enter your step counts via your Step Entry page once you have access to the internet.

For non-Bluetooth Pulses and Standard mode:

Your step count will not save to your Pulse's memory, so you need to record your step count each day before re-setting your step count on your Pulse. To re-set your step count, hold down the button on the front of the Pulse for 3 seconds. 


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