What if I don’t want to lose weight?

Weight Tracker is designed to support those individuals who are looking to lose a little weight through developing a healthy relationship with food. This feature isn't able to support those who are looking to gain weight or muscle mass, those with an underweight BMI classification or those whose medical condition contradicts weight loss.  If you fall within any of these groups, we recommend seeking expert advice from a family doctor who will be able to advise on your specific nutrition needs.  

To calculate an estimated energy requirement (EER), we use the Mifflin-St Jeor Equation which takes into account your age, height, starting weight, weight loss goal, the time you have to achieve that weight goal and your activity level.  We then use this EER to help you balance your food or energy intake with your activity or energy output with Food Calculator.  As a result, it's not possible for us to make recommendations based on a weight-gain target when using these tools. You can, however, take the Nutrition Assessment from Day 22 to receive advice tailored to you based on your nutrition habits.


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