Community Section Guidelines

Our Community section is designed for you (our members) to share your Global Challenge experiences with other members from all over the world. It's a place where you can connect, interact, inspire, encourage, and update others on your progress throughout the Global Challenge.

By actively participating in the Community section, you're helping others get more active, and that’s what it’s all about.

Whilst we don’t want to put our ‘bossy boots’ on (they aren't as comfortable to walk in), there are a few things you should consider when posting or commenting on stories:

  • Don’t forget you may be taking part in this Challenge as a part of your organisation, so don’t say anything that could get you in trouble with the boss.
  • Promoting products, brands, or events on the Community page, including spam (not the meat, the other type) isn’t in the ‘Spirit of the Global Challenge’. Also please try to keep your posts commercially neutral.
  • Consider others. We are all in the Global Challenge together so any material that may cause offence to others (such as bullying, flaming, trolling, harassment, discrimination, political views and racism) is not welcome.

Any posts or comments that we think fit the above criteria will be deleted. Ok, bossy boots off, it’s time to go for a walk! Enjoy the Challenge!


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