Want to know more about Nutrition?

Nutrition has been developed to help members understand that exercise and eating well, is less complicated and difficult than they might think.

When the event commences, members can utilise the weight-tracker tool. This enables members to calculate their BMI and set a target weight for the end of the event. At any time, members can enter their current weight and track their progress towards a healthier weight. Note: You can be confident that all data captured will be secure and anonymous.

In addition, members can also access the Food Calculator. Research demonstrates that food diaries fail because people find them too onerous. We’ve overcome this by offering a simple tool that provides an easy to understand snapshot of calorie consumption and presents this as a step equivalent, the energy currency that members will understand!

One month into the 100 Day Journey, the rest of Nutrition is launched, providing nutrition advice and guidance throughout the event. Every piece of information is presented in a simple way and easy to understand, remember and integrate into daily life.


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