How do I see my fitness tracker device steps on the step entry page?

Once you’ve connected your fitness tracker device to the Global Challenge site, the steps you track with your fitness tracker will flow through to the step entry page.

When you view the Step Entry page, you will see;

  1. Fetching steps from your fitness tracker device – this may take a few seconds to complete.  If these steps don't match the steps you can see on your fitness tracker platform, please wait 60 minutes and fetch your steps again.
  2. Once your steps have been fetched successfully, steps for each tracked day will be populated (if no steps are fetched for a day(s), these will be highlighted in red)
  3. To save your steps, just click the ‘Submit’ and 'Confirm' buttons

Note: It can take up to 24 hours the first time you connect your fitness tracker device before your steps will be available on the Global Challenge site.

If you disconnect your fitness tracker from the Global Challenge platform at any stage, please note that it can take 5-10 minutes before you will be able to reconnect your fitness tracker.

Please be aware that any data entered into the Global Challenge site will go through the normal speed check process.

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