How do I connect my fitness tracker to the Global Challenge site?

1. Go to the ‘My devices’ page on the website

2. Click ‘Connect’ and follow the instructions for your fitness tracker device

– You will be redirected to your fitness tracker online account (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin or Misfit)

3. Log in to your fitness tracker online account and give permission to share data with the Global Challenge

- Remember to use your fitness tracker device login credentials, not your Global Challenge login

Note: Global Challenge will only be able to read your step data (and sleep data if available). Global Challenge won’t be able to alter any of your fitness tracker device data.

Once your fitness tracker device has been successfully connected, you will see the status of your fitness tracker device is shown as ‘active’.

What’s next?

See your steps populate automatically within the step entry page.

I’m having trouble connecting my device/fitness tracker, what should I do?

Click here if you wish to connect your Apple HealthKit 


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