What’s the battery life?

Your Pulse battery should last for the duration of the Challenge.

When the battery icon first appears on your Pulse, don’t worry! Your Pulse’s battery still has 25% battery life left (about 1.5 months). When the battery icon becomes an outline only, there is 10% battery life left (about 3 weeks).

To change the battery, simply remove the screw located at the top of the clip and open the casing. Once the battery is changed and the casing re-secured you may see an error message reading ERR. If you see this message, press the Reset button on the front of the Pulse to reset the unit.

The Pulse uses a lithium metal cell (CR2032) battery. To ensure you dispose of this battery in an environmentally friendly way, please contact your local government office for information on the nearest battery recycling facility. Most importantly, keep this battery (and any battery for that matter) away from children.

If you're syncing your steps with your Pulse, you will need to pair your Pulse again after replacing the battery

For Bluetooth Pulse pairing and sync instructions, please click here.


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