What if I’m travelling overseas and go to a different timezone?

On any days you cross a time-zone, we recommend you use the 'No Activity' option if you're unable to get active, or enter your step average into your Step Entry page if you have been able to get active, as your steps won't be counted over a 24 hour period on these travel days.

- If you are using your Pulse in Sync mode:

Your Pulse will use your smartphone's time-settings. When you sync your steps, your Pulse's time-settings will be updated if needed.

If you're away for less than 14 days, if you wish, you can sync your steps when you return home, so that your Pulse's time-zone never changes and your steps are all allocated to 24 hour periods. Please take note of your step counts each day though, in case anything happens to your Pulse before you can sync!

- Using a fitness tracker:

Your step counts are allocated to your Step Entry page according to your fitness tracker account's time-settings.


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